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A Professional & Understanding Approach to Hoarding

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Perhaps nowhere is the need to regain order more obvious and pressing than when a loved one, friend or tenant has fallen into the grasp of a hoarding disorder.

Hoarding situations pose many health hazards that require the services of trained, experienced and properly equipped restoration professionals.

Hoarding Cleanup Service

Badger State Restoration’s team members understand the unique issues the lead to hoarding situations. We know hoarders deserve our care, compassion and discretion. We develop an effective plan of action to sort and organize items; move and storage salvageable items; remove and dispose of waste materials; and clean, deodorize and sanitize the premises. In cases involving animal hoarding, Badger State Restoration utilizes commercial-grade equipment and odor removal technology to thoroughly remove animal waste and its effects.

Hoarding is an extremely serious health problem. It requires fast, discreet and effective action from restoration professionals who understand what it takes to help break the hoarding cycle. Badger State Restoration’s employees are licensed, certified and bonded. We’re also locally owned, locally operated and available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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